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When I came to Dr.Casper's office I was not able to stand comfortably in one place or walk for more than 15 minutes at a time. It made me dread having to go to the store when normally I would love to shop. My favorite form of exercise would be walking and that was limited to a half hour at the most. I have been coming to Dr. Casper for over a year now and have seen a vast improvement in my mobility. I am able to take long walks and enjoy the outdoors and can socialize in public settings, as I can stand in one place for a longer amount of time. Making that first visit to see Dr. Casper and continuing care has been one of the best decisions I have made.

Sara D.

Dr. Casper is the best! I have been his patient for a long time and he has helped me through a variety of issues over the years. His positive attitude and approach with me as an individual is outstanding, and his staff is wonderful. I highly recommend Dr. Ed. You will live a healthy existence. 

Vincent P.

My family and I have been under the care of Dr. Ed Casper for over 20 years. My children, who are now in their twenties, began their chiropractic care as babies. I believe that because of this care, ear infections were either at the minimal, or just never existed. On many occasions I would say to Dr. Ed that I don't know how anyone could go through his or her life without chiropractic care. A pill simply masks the pain but never gets to the real problem itself so it just keeps surfacing and the pill-taking just increases! Chiropractic care gets to the root of the problem! Dr. Ed and his staff offer exemplary holistic chiropractic care. Just like the series "Cheers", It's a place where everyone is welcomed, a "caring family atmosphere prevails", and “everyone knows your name"!

Paul S.

What can I say besides Dr. Ed Casper is a miracle worker. I had recommendations from two people advising me to go to him with my back, neck, knee and hip problems. I could barely walk across the street. With his techniques, advice, and exercises he gave me------I am a completely mobile person. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. Casper!! 

Lorraine H.

Since going to Dr. Casper I noticed my breathing is a lot better. I don't get out of breath going up and down my cellar stairs. I originally went to Dr. Casper for sciatica pain which worked out great. I have no more pain and I really feel great. 

Theresa C.

I began chiropractic care with Dr. Ed Casper in October 2013. I was seeking a cure from headaches, stress and tightness. I have discovered a cure for so many other things on my journey. Not only did I indeed find my stress, aches and headaches relieved, but I found better methods of reducing the start of the problems. I have discovered that chiropractic care has completely changed my outlook on so many things. I am more aware of my posture, the way I walk, sit and stand. It's given me so many answers to certain nerve feelings and how to relieve them instead of "popping a pill". I would recommend chiropractic care to anyone especially care from Dr. Ed Casper! Not only does he adjust my spine, but he educates me to a happier and healthier lifestyle!

Maria B.

Being the son of a Chiropractor, I know the difference in results of a Palmer College of Chiropractic doctor (which Dr. Casper is) and others.  I’ve been a patient of his for 20+ years and his expertise keeps me free of lower back pain and a whole host of other issues that crop up from time to time
Dr. Casper’s the quintessential chiropractor and I wouldn’t think of going to anyone else. 

Greg M.

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